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Ocean Awareness Documentary Recommendation

Please watch this if you love the ocean! Awareness is the first step toward conversation, then comes choices then motivation and change! I love Dr Earle’s work and I admire her so much, and I think you will too love her “Mission Blue”. I am lucky to have been related to a scientist (she passed away in 2014), at the level of career and dedication of Dr. Earle only she was a botanist and her mission was green. I have more information to share about her work and brilliance but will end this blog post here in hopes that you focus on this wonderful ocean documentary recommendation.

Colored Pencil Comparison

Video Title: Colored Pencil Comparison:
Polychromos by Faber Castell vs. Luminance by Caran D’Ache
vs. Premier by Prismacolor

Video Description: In this video I test 3 brands of artist’s professional level of colored pencils on three types of professional paper. 1. Smooth Bristol Board by Strathmore 2. Hot Press by Fabriano Artistico 3. Cold Press by Fabriano Artistico. I show how they react on paper, I talk about them, and compare them, plus I also recommend my favorite sharpeners for each.

What is Marine Art, What is Marine Illustration, What is a Marine Artist ?

Hey everyone, I just posted this video on my YouTube channel. The video explains the marine art genre as a whole and also gets into specifics to inspire those that may want to get into this type of art. If you have time please comment at the bottom of the video on YTube if you get the chance and help start a conversation on there. Thanks for checking out this blog post and if you have any suggestions please let me know. Have a great week.